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cactuscomics asked: So Multiple Warheads is in Best American Comics 2014. Your short story from Dark Horse was in last year's. I know you aren't a huge fan of comics awards. How do you feel about being in these anthologies? Or how do you feel about these books calling themselves The Best American Comics? I'm interested to know your thoughts on this.


Yeah, awards are whatever. I don’t think I hate them I just don’t put much weight on them. 

The main reason I let my stuff be in the best American books was just the excuse to be along side so many other creators whose work I liked. Plus I like the idea of it being a different spot for people to find my stuff in. I saw one in airport book store recently. 

And yeahhh, the “best” title is dumb but I get that it’s the publisher basing the name off of a “best American short stories” book. It’s certainly wayyyy too subjective for my tastes. It is what it is. 

The nerve to call anything “best” that isn’t this otter is outrageous. 

The thing that really riles me about the Best American Comics series, something I don’t think you’ll find in Best American Short Stories or Best American Poetry, is that so often they just pull a slice out of a much larger work, like taking a chapter from a full novel. I get that comics can vary wildly in length and it would likely be unfair to exclude longer works, but if I’m going to buy a book called the Best American Comics, I would like it to be more than just teasers for other things I should buy. 

Like, Sam Sharpe’s Viewotron #2 is a perfect fit. Much as I love Multiple Warheads and think it’s deserving of belonging in such an anthology, pulling something from Alphabet to Infinity and sticking it in the anthology feels kind of dickish. Here’s this awesome thing and if you want more go buy the trade!

Thus concludes my rant about Best American Comics that’s been brewing for a while now. Back to your regularly scheduled Otters.




There is someone out there for everybody.

It just might be a goose.

Oh God, I hope not…

A dog so bad tempered they thought they would have to put it down befriends a goose, one of nature’s most terrifying creatures…

Doc Savage books were different, because you could tell the publishers wanted you to like them. […] The Gor books, by contrast, were shameful and garrish. The pictures were pornographic, but in an almost dishonest way: near-nude mutants leering out into the fluorescent air of the drugstore aisle.

—John Darnielle, Wolf in White Van


Reblog? Always.

I’m kinda curious what a venn diagram of Hermione and the traits of every person I’ve ever been attracted to would look like. 






60 issues of this in comic book form on my desk by next quarter, please.

I dunno about the ocean floor, but since we typically associate increased strength with vampires, I would imagine they could put up with a fair amount of the pressure from deep diving. Would they need to worry about the bends if they ever did surface?

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"Today in the news: the whole world is a horrible place and it will hurt your feelings" from brandon graham’s multiple warheads


"Today in the news: the whole world is a horrible place and it will hurt your feelings"
from brandon graham’s multiple warheads

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I became a crystal healer, and my ministry was to the sick

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devil-in-shortwave asked: I read somewhere that this years U.S. tour is rumored to be your last, and I just wanted to know where these rumors come from and if there is an merit behind them??


Not sure myself where this sort of rumor comes from, but it’s been going on since at least 1997, when there were “rumors” (scarequoted because they seemed more like “stuff somebody just said at some point for no traceable reason”) that Full Force Galesburg was to be my last album. There were rumors that I was in graduate school, there were rumors I was on hard drugs. (As a grown-up whose hard drugs use is so small in the rear-view that the memory seems more like a dream, this one was pretty funny, about as likely as “he did a triathlon last week “.) 

I personally have no idea what drives / inspires people to say “I know a thing about which I do not actually know.” Like, I can’t imagine myself saying “this will probably be Nasty Savage’s last tour” unless I personally had talked to Nasty Ronnie and he’d said “absolutely, tell the world, this is it.” Then I would do as Nasty Ronnie asked. Until and unless you hear me say “this is it, I’m not going out again” it seems pretty safe to assume that I’ll be going out again; when anybody asserts something without linking to a credible source, it’s pretty safe to to assume they’re fronting. 

Not that it’s something I would have wanted, but Full Force Galesburg would have been a hell of an album to go out on.